Student Teaching — Week 13

This week I continued working with several of the same students. One of the students I work with struggles with writing. He was having a hard time gets his thoughts onto paper. He could tell me what he wanted to write about and we established a plan, but when it came time to write the piece, all progress stopped. My cooperating teacher and his teacher decided he could type his piece on Google Docs. I was really excited because I thought it would help him get his thoughts down on paper. Unfortunately, the first day didn’t go exactly how I thought it would. He was very fast with the backspace key and delete almost everything he wrote, so for homework he had to write 2 paragraphs.

The next day I set some ground rules. We agreed that if he wanted to rewrite something, he would go to the next line and write it without deleting the other sentence. That worked for the most part, but my mistake was doing the ctrl+z shortcut to undo something he deleted. He loved this shortcut and focused a lot on using that instead of continuing his piece. This week’s take-away was:

Set ground rules before using technology and, if necessary, give students time to play with a new function before starting to work.


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