Student Teaching — Week 12

This week my supervisor came to observe me with a small reading group. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to use technology in this group because the room and the program isn’t set up for technology use. Either way I did a good job and he thought I was making progress and headed in the right direction.

I kept up with my student who uses an iPad. He is still fairly resistant, but sometimes I can get him to use it. I still trying to figure out why he won’t use it. He says it’s because writing is faster, but I also wonder if it’s because the other students are writing and he want to too. He did do research for a project on the iPad and was pretty good at it. I’m still stuck on how to get him to want to use the iPad because it doesn’t help the quality of his work (his answers are often just quick words or phrases when they need to be complete sentences), it just makes his writing more legible but he almost seems to write less and he gets caught up on the formatting and that slows him down too. The take-away is more of a question I’m still asking myself this week:

How can I get a student to use his assistive technology if he doesn’t want to and it doesn’t improve his work very much?


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