Student Teaching — Week 10

This week I got to go out and do a lot of observations of other teachers to see how they run their small groups. This week has been more normal because ISTEP isn’t messing up the schedule so I got to see more small groups. I have noticed that using technology in the small groups is difficult because the room isn’t set up for it. We don’t have a projector, document camera, MOBI, or screen. The only technology we have is a teacher computer and a laptop. Some student have assistive technology, but they don’t bring it to group. The laptop is often used to show Math U See videos. (This math program is amazing and I highly recommend it!) I do some push in support for a 5th grade student who recently got an iPad. He is a little resistant to using it because he says writing is faster, but his writing is very illegible. I help him adjust the settings and prompt him to use the device. There is another student who struggles to use her device and needs help logging on to her laptop and knowing when it use it. A lot of the kids also need help knowing how to organize their device. This week’s take away was:

Without scaffolding the student won’t know how and when to appropriately use their assistive technology.


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