Student Teaching — Week 9

This is my first week in the special education setting. I’m very excited for this because a lot of the students have assistive technology and that’s the reason I start the CEL program. I wanted to be able to help students use technology in a way that benefits them both academically and physically. Many of the students have iPads and I have seen the advantages and difficulties in the general education setting because 3 students in my last placement used iPads. Other students use laptops and some even use the most basic word processing devices. AT is chosen based on the student’s current need and ability. Giving a student AT that is too advanced or even more distracting hurts the student more than it helps.

This week was ISTEP testing so I spent most of my time observing one-on-one and small group testing. I also got to help with the AT and getting it ready for the tests. We had to adjust settings to make it suitable for ISTEP and their requirements for AT. Unfortunately, I didn’t not get to experience much because it was my first week and ISTEP is very limiting. This week’s take away was:

Assistive technology is a great asset as long as it is appropriate for the specific student.


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