Student Teaching — Week 8

Unfortunately, this week is my last week in the general education setting. I have thoroughly enjoyed this placement. While I’m sad to go, I am also looking forward to my special education placement.

This week has been a little chaotic because we have been doing the ISTEP practice tests during our literacy block so we’ve had no time for literacy lessons. I have been making social studies more fun (and incorporated more technology) to balance out all of the testing. Each day I have shown a video clip about the Revolutionary War from the History Channel‘s website. (I strongly recommend this site for anyone who doesn’t already use it. It can be used at any grade level.) I included links to the videos below. I had to preview the videos beforehand which paid off because, in my favorite video, Brian Williams says “whoop ass” so I was upset that I couldn’t use it. Using the videos was a great transition tool and it got the students thinking before we started reading from the textbook. I liked have the discussions based around the video and predicting what we thought might be the situation BEFORE reading the chapter and using the students background knowledge and building on it. We then used the textbook to confirm and expand our thinking. This week’s take away was:

Technology can be used as a transitional tool, but make sure you check the content before showing it to the kids. Also, when showing a video clip, make sure to tie it in with the lesson. It can be a bit awkward if you don’t talk about it afterwards. 



The Battle of Saratoga Turns the Tide

Bet You Didn’t Know: Revolutionary War — played before the “Reading Further” lesson about women, African Americans, and Native Americans in the Revolution.


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