Student Teaching — Week 7

I have always used resources in math and social studies class, but this week I used a lot more of them during our language arts block. I used the projector and document camera to display the journal page and filled it in with the students instead of simply stating the answers and asking the kids if they had it filled out. There were clear pros and cons to this method. The students could be held more accountable for writing the information and participation was higher because they knew exactly what to write. However, it did limit my mobility in the classroom and made it harder for me to move around and monitor specific students and it limited some students because they wrote what was on the screen and stopped thinking about other answers on their own. I also used a video from the REACH textbook for the first time. It was nice to incorporate the video because the students got to hear the vocabulary words in a different way and in a voice that wasn’t mine. It was also more engaging because students will generally pay attention to a video regardless of the content. I really enjoyed incorporating these tools into the literacy block because I felt more students were engaged. This weeks take away was:

While the doc camera is a great tool, find other ways to display and complete whole class activities so you can move around the room to monitor your students.


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