Student Teaching — Week 6

This week I used the MOBI a lot during math class. The kids were teasing me a little bit and telling me how much I’ve improved since my first MOBI experience. The learning segment focused on graphing on a coordinate grid. It was very helpful because I should show the kids how to graph and walk around to make sure everyone was following along and had the correct graph. It was also nice to have the projector because the kids could walk up and plot a point for the entire class. They really enjoy getting to do this and using the Pointer of Power. I did run into a couple of snags because the second lesson didn’t have the journal pages uploaded the same way as the others so I had to use the PDF version instead of the webpage version. It showed the same thing so the kids could follow along, but it was set up differently so I wasn’t use to it and I didn’t know where some of the options were. I’m getting really used to the MOBI and I actually really enjoy using it. It’s very versatile because you can use it with any computer program and it allows you to move around the room. The document camera, of course, is easier to use and adapt to but it forces you to stay in one spot in the classroom. I have notice that the kids are very aware of that and sometimes the kids that are farthest from the doc cam stop following along. This week’s take away is:

Always practice/check the technology before using it in your lesson.


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