Student Teaching – Week 5

This week went really well. I got more practice with the MOBI. It can be really awkward to use but I think I’m getting the hang of it. This week my supervising teacher and I talked about technology preparation and transition time. She told me how I always need to be thinking 5 minutes ahead of myself, this includes pulling up all needed technology. Actually I should be thinking about what technology I need fro the entire subject, not just what I need for the next five minutes. She told me that the teacher needing to transition mid-subject can add just as much chaos as asking the students to transition mid-subject as well. This week during my social studies lesson, I started with a discussion and then towards the end of the discussion I realized I needed the document camera. This is an example of when thinking only 5 minutes ahead of yourself technology-wise proved to be unhelpful. I then had to continue the discussion while starting the document camera. Fortunately, I am familiar with how to set it up so I was able to do both at one time, but I’m sure it was still distracting to the kids. So my take away this week is:

Think far enough ahead so that you have all your technology pulled up or started BEFORE you start your lesson (or transitional period) to cut down on chaos, distractions, and confusion. 


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