Student Teaching — Week 4

I just finished my fourth week of student teaching. I have spent the last month getting settled in and comfortable with routines, students, and colleagues. I have noticed that all classrooms are equipped with three student desktops, one teacher desktop, a document camera, a projector, a VCR, and a microphone. There are four computer labs, one desktop computer lab, a desktop computer lab in the media center, a laptop computer lab in a vacant kindergarten room, and a mobile laptop cart that the entire school shares. The classroom I am in also has a MOBI. This allows the user to use and write on the computer screen from any where in the room. While the device can take some time to get used to, it is extremely useful in several situations. Our class uses it mostly in math class to check work and complete problems as a class. Students and teachers have access to materials and textbooks online and can access information and activities from any computer. This is very helpful when lesson planning and completing work as a class.

When I teach my lessons, I regularly use the document camera as well as the computer. I plan on incorporating the MOBI into more lessons as I get more comfortable using it. I also hope to talk with the computer lab teacher and the media center teacher about teaching some lessons on technology during their classes.


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