Virtual Tour of a Tech School

This video overviews how one elementary school has set up the technology in their school. This school does provides a nice example of how a class might incorporate technology at a 1-to-1 ratio and at a level similar to where most schools might be. Some of the classes are working independently on their iPads and going at their own pace (i.e. the third graders working on the Front Row app). Other classes were working together on one task (i.e. everyone working on the teacher-lead ISTEP practice). Some schools don’t have access to iPads for every student, but they might be able to incorporate technology into their class in other ways (i.e. the second graders working in the computer lab). This school shows technology at all three levels, but these three classes could be the way a whole school looks. I have found that incorporating any level technology helps the learning process when it is used effectively.


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