Educational App Review – Reading Comprehension Prep

The Reading Comprehension Prep app by Peek-a-boo Studios give students a short story to read and then a few questions to answer afterwards to test how well they remember the story. This app was free and tested students in grades 3-5. The paid apps have more variety and are for one grade. They cost $2.99. I found this app while I was looking for a reading comprehension app for a teacher for her high school class. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good one for that age level but I feel like this one is very good for elementary kids.


There are two fiction stories and two non fiction stories per grade level. This specific story has 13 questions that follow. If I were a teacher, I would download the $2.99 app on a few iPads and have the kids keep retaking the test. Only four stories are not enough to do these tests throughout the school year. The free app could be downloaded on the kids iPads so the could practice if they want to but the official grade would be from the teacher’s iPad. This way would be slow and time consuming to test each student individually. I still feel like reading comprehension is hard to do over the iPad but this was easily the best I found. 



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