Educational App Review – Grammar Wonderland

McGraw-Hill makes an app call Grammar Wonderland which is exactly what it sounds like. The game allows elementary age students to practice their grammar skills. This is the lite, free version and the full version is available for $2.99. I was looking for a game that was good for English. There are a bunch of math and science games that everyone knows about but this one helps with grammar and the creators turned it into a game, not to mention the creators are a trusted educational company. 


This game has a practice mode as well for nouns, verbs, and adjectives. These games are very interactive and the kids can save their progress. At the top of the screen there are instructions and you have to find that word that fits best with the instructions. You can fly through adventures or toss objects or swim. The one thing that I found sort of difficult when I play is there are actually five options the two on the end are off the screen. This was an issue for me because if you go too far to one side and the correct word is actually on the other side, it’s incredibly difficult to get back in time.

This game can be useful in a classroom. It wouldn’t be good to teach a lesson obviously but it would be a nice review or time filler. When I was in elementary school, if we had down time we were supposed to read. I think this is definitely important and all kids should read, but maybe if they have down time during an English lesson they could be allowed to play educational games such as this one.


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