Educational App Review – AgendA+

One educational app I found for the iPad is AgendA+. This app is what it sounds like. It’s an agenda, a calendar, a planner, or assignment book, whatever you want to call them. But it’s digital and on something students may already carry around. It’s quick and convenient. Also it’s free! 

I began looking for agendas for students because a teacher I worked with wanted something her special education students could use to keep track of, most importantly, homework and grades. Unfortunately, this program doesn’t allow you to write notes home to parents or track behavior, but depending on your student or current system you may not want the students to have control over that anyway. 

The app is also very simplistic, which in my opinion is a benefit because it causes less distraction. And the assignments and courses are quick and painless to add and delete. It’s also very easy to keep track of your grades. Once you receive your grade, you click on the assignment and you enter the percentage you got on it. You can view the assignments in a weekly or monthly calendar view and you can organize them by their due dates. Below are pictures of an example assignment:



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