The Technology Analysis Project

For the past few weeks our W210 class has been researching several technologies that could be incorporated into schools and classrooms. I explored the Wii (and you can check out my presentation or my blog here). There were of course many other technologies explored, such as the iPads and the Kinect which I blogged about earlier. There were some other interesting ones like Oculus Rift, Wacom Tablets, green screens, and Lego Robotics to name a few. There was a vast variety of technology including hardware and software, free programs and costly items, single-user and group focused technology. 

Completing this project took a lot of work. I had to first research the Wii and figure out what was available for it. I also needed to find blogs and real life experiences of teachers using this in their classroom. I also wanted to include video into my presentation so the audience could see how the Wii was being used and give an example of what the games looked like so I need to collect videos as well. Once I gathered all of my information, I needed to condense it into a 7 minute presentation, which was a lot harder than I anticipated. I felt like I had a lot of information to share. 

When we did our group meetings, I felt like they went really smoothly and everyone had something to contribute. I think it was great that most people were willing to compromise and see the perspectives of someone else. For example, I really thought the Wii was a great addition to the classroom and I definitely recommended it, but I ultimately thought the Kinect was a better purchase for a school because it doesn’t require the use of remotes.

I learned a lot during this experience. I learned all about blogs because I had to create several and find some to back up my argument. I also learned how to use prezi. I’ve never created my own before so learning how to do that was a challenge but I figured it out. As far as what I learned about other technologies, I found out that many different technologies, if not all of them, can be use in a classroom. It’s all about how you think about it and how you can adapt it. 

I will definitely be using technology in my classroom. I think it’s a great tool to expand student learning and get them involved with the material instead of just lecturing it at them. They can really immerse themselves in the learning process. Technology can be used to expand the lessons and take students to places they’ve never been and never even thought of going. 


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